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Lip Blush

How long does lip blushing last?
This treatment lasts 2-4 years. It can be maintained with annual refresh sessions. Each year the tattoo shade will get lighter and lighter until your natural lip tissue is restored to its natural tissue. In some lip neutralizing cases the tattoo has lasted 2-7 years before entirely wearing out. Unlike traditional tattoos cosmetic tattooing is semipermanent.
Will I be in a lot of pain when receiving lip tattooing?
NO! The pain is very mild and controlled by numbing agents from start to finish. A lot of our clients fall asleep during the procedure, and say they feel almost no pain!
Do I choose my color?
Color choice is selected together, both artist and client. Bringing in photos of styles you like or even a favorite lipstick is great as we can get and idea of what you are aiming for. The color that is tattooed is not what your final result will be. With your trust, we can get you to your goals and help you decide what will be best for you when it comes to this treatment.
Will I need to wear lipstick ever again?
Lip blushing is designed to embrace your natural beauty. As our client, the goal is to enhance your daily life with time saving looks that feel real. The pigments we use are made to heal believable looking. Super opaque lipstick looks are not what we aim for. Fresh, healthy, glowing skin that looks effortless - not that you are wearing loads of makeup is what we try to achieve. Our pigment is designed to develop with a beautiful tinted look.
Can I wear makeup after the procedure?
No makeup should be worn on the lips immediately after or for 7 days after the service.
Can you make my lips look bigger?
Yes, we can! In a subtle manner of course. Our goal is always to enhance your natural beauty and give you tattooing that looks real. Your shape is something we can definitely adjust, however when it comes to the shape we cannot tattoo outside of lip tissue. This does NOT age well, and can sometimes leave behind permanent damage to the surrounding skin. We know we are tattooing lips because lips have no pores. Mostly we see lips that have lost pigment or have deepened pigment around the outer edges of the lips, so once assessed we can properly shape the lips in a way that makes them look larger but in the most believable way! This is not a traditional tattoo, and the pigments used are designed to heal soft.

Perfect Brows

Can I get Powder brows if I'm pregnant?
No, you cannot receive powder brows or any form of tattoo while pregnant or nursing.
Can I get powder brows if I have previously tattooed them elsewhere?
It depends on the situation. In most cases we are able to tattoo powder brows as a cover up of old eyebrows but sometimes removal is needed first depending on what style you had before or if there were big mistakes made on the eyebrows that need to be corrected.
Can I have coffee, black tea, matcha tea, energy drinks, or "natural refreshers," before my Powder Brow appointment?
NO! please be sure to check all beverages consumed for caffeine, even the smallest amounts, even ones listed as being natural, you must not consume ANY caffeine 24 hours prior to your appointment. If you do, you will bleed ink out during the tattoo as well as healing stages and your powder brows will require more than the standard 2 sessions to get the right look. its very important you do not drink caffeine or alcohol 24 hours prior!
Do I get numbing for Powder Brows?
Yes you absolutely do! We believe in numbing!
Should I choose Powder Brows or a different technique?
We tend to favor powder brows most as they are suitable for all skin types and look amazing while lasting the longest. For some other techniques maybe chosen to meet their goals and styles while also keep their skin type compatibility in mind.
Who is a good candidate for Powder Brows?
EVERYONE!!! That part of what makes them so great and why we are so powder brow obsessed.
Will powder brows tattoo hurt?
Not at all! powder brows are the most mild of all! Pain is extremely minimal.

Lash Line

How often should I refresh my lash line tattoo?
An annual refresh is always great to keep your tattoo on point and from fading away. Of course every persons body chemistry is different and some may wait up to 2 years before refreshing the tattoo.
How painful are liner tattoos?
They are actually extremely mild and easy to deal with. Most would rate the pain as a 3 max on a scale of 1-10.
What is healing like when it comes to eyeliner tattoos?
Its actually the easiest healing ever when it comes to cosmetic tattoos. You just can't wear cosmetics on your eyes for 7-10 days. The new tattooed liner will scab and flake off naturally, revealing a perfect lash enhancement.
What should I avoid on the day of my visit?
Be sure not to be wearing false eye lashes, makeup, or contact lenses on the day you come in for your lash line tattoo.

Body Contouring

Can I use this treatment for multiple areas of the body?
Yes, but 2 body parts is the most that can be treated at once. Once you reach your goals with those 2 areas you may move on and continue to treat others.
Does Body Contouring hurt or cause damage to the body?
No not at all! The most pain you will feel is possibly light bruising from the wood therapy, but even still it's very mild.
How long will it take to see the results of body contouring?
Most fat cavitation and laser lipo clients will see improvements within 3 days. Skin tightening results will be visible within two weeks.
How much can I lose?
After 1 session you can lose 1-5 inches per area, you will then continue to see further results with multiple treatments.
Is Body Contouring permanent?
When paired with a healthy lifestyle, yes!
What do I do to prepare for body contouring treatment?
To maximize your results, drink plenty of water before and after treatment. Ideally, 4-6 bottles of water daily are recommended.
What medical conditions would make me ineligible for fat cavitation, laser lipo, or skin tightening treatments?
Pregnant or breastfeeding Metallic implants such as prostheses and pacemakers Epilepsy Cancer at any time and in any form Heart disease Kidney and liver disease Severe high blood pressure or circulation problems Deep vein thrombosis and varicose veins.

Teeth Whitening

Can I receive teeth whitening if I'm pregnant?
No, unfortunately this service cannot be preformed on those who are pregnant or nursing.
Can I use a whitening toothpaste?
Absolutely! It will help results to last and maintain.
Will teeth whitening cause damage to my teeth?
When done respectfully this service will not damage the teeth. Your technician will guide you through a safe plan and routine to achieve your goals.
Will teeth whitening hurt?
Not at all, one of the great things about the teeth whitening treatment we offer at FCC is that is pain free.

Tooth Gems

How can I make my tooth gems last longer?
Having a tooth gem is similar to having braces. If you eat a lot of sticky candy or bite into hard bread etc. you will most likely pop your tooth gem off. Be mindful of your tooth gem and it will be long lasting.
How can I make sure I get the best bond between my tooth and the gem?
Come with freshly brushed, clean teeth. This allows your gem to adhere to your teeth seamlessly.
How do I remove a tooth gem?
You can remove a tooth gem by visiting your dentist, or simply wait until it falls off on its own. If there is a thing layer of glue left behind, normal brushing will brush away the bonding agent.

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