Comparing the 3 Types of Eyeliner Tattoos

Ok! You have decided to get an eyeliner tattoo but are confused by the overwhelming variety you see on Social Media such as Google images, Instagram, Facebook (meta), Tik Tok, and many more media platforms. Certainly, there are many beautiful photos you are drawn to and influencers, models who you look up to and maybe even want to look like them. 

However, remember we are all different; what looks good on someone else will not necessarily suit you. Same with makeup, colors, shapes, and so on. When it comes to eyeliner, we have to consider the shape of the eyes, the position of the eyes, the color of the eyes, and most importantly your lifestyle, personality, and facial features, not forgetting the skin tone. 

Considering all the above mentioned, your artist will help you to decide what eyeliner will look good on you. Either it is classy dramatic eyeliner or soft shaded liner that looks like eyeshadow, or lash enhancement that is the most natural looking eye tattoo. 

Permanent eye makeup with the right choice of slope, length, and thickness will allow you to hide age-related changes, correct/ enhance the shape of the eyes, and give a more expressive look. There are also people who are allergic to makeup and they can benefit from cosmetic tattoos as well. 

Lash Enhancement

Lash enhancement where pigment is implanted between your lashes. A thin liner along the entire length of the growth of eyelashes makes an amazing accent on the eyes, lengthens the eyelashes, and looks beautiful, but not intrusive. Eyelash enhancement tattoos have no restrictions on age and skin type, it suits absolutely everyone. You don't have to wear mascara, the eyes are already beautifully framed, even with the complete absence of makeup on the face.

Lash Enhancement Process

The classic method of applying lash line enhancement tattoo is pretty simple. It gives the eyes maximum expressiveness while maintaining their natural look. During the creation process, the eyeliner pigment is applied in equal proportions between the eyelashes, without going beyond the growth line. It can look like a thin line or more shaded upwards without harsh lines. We prefer a more shaded style since it will look smoother and not drawn.

After the session, the eyes look open and become more enticing. Both parts of the eyelids are subject to tattoo per wish, or only one - upper or lower.

Who Should Consider Lash Enhancement?

Good news! Since for the lash enhancement, the pigment is placed between your lashes, it is very unnoticeable and natural looking. For that reason, anyone can get it done! It would not look like you are wearing makeup, but yet it will add visually a fullness to your eyelashes. 

Lash Enhancement Pros - Compared to Classic Eyeliner and Shaded Eyeliner Tattoos

Quick. It does not require a pre-draw. The whole process can take 1 to 2 hours.

It looks natural, not like makeup.

It suits anyone, especially those who likes to use only mascara in their makeup routine.

Lash Enhancement Cons - Compared to Classic Eyeliner and Shaded Eyeliner Tattoos

Some people might find it, it is not enough, especially those who like winged eyeliners.

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Classic Eyeliner Tattoos

Classic Eyeliner Process

The classic eyeliner tattoo procedure is done by drawing winged liner. It can have different lengths and thickness. The choice of the classic eyeliner depends not only on your wishes. It is based primarily on the shape of the eyes, their fit, and even on the color and length of the eyelashes. Usually, the form is selected by the Artist, who creates a pre-draw to achieve harmony in the image and whole look. 

Who Should Consider Classic Eyeliner?

To be honest these days not many are committed to Classic eyeliner. Maybe thin lines and little wings are preferred, but thick and long wings would be done only after thorough consultation and thought. It depends on the personality, image of a client, who understands classic eyeliner gives a makeup look and she/he/them have to wear it 24/7. And with age when the skin sags the liner will pull down eyes as well.

Classic Eyeliner Pros - Compared to Lash Enhancement and Shaded Eyeliner Tattoos

In addition, it has an undeniable plus - the effect lasts at least one and a half years and can reach up to 10 years. All this time, you do not need to draw your eyeliner daily with a pencil, shadows or a liner and worry about your appearance during the day. 

Classic Eyeliner Cons - Compared to Lash Enhancement and Shaded Eyeliner Tattoos

Eyelid tattoos cannot be washed off when you want them. Please note that the arrow on the eyelids will last a very long time and it is impossible to hide it.

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Shaded Eyeliner Tattoos

A great option if you want to always look elegant. This shadow eyeliner tattoo makes an incredible accent on them, and also perfectly hides sagging eyelids and age wrinkles.

Creating a liner in this technique has an additional name - powder eye tattoo. It consists in drawing a classic arrow of the selected shape and soft shading with pigment at the edge of the eye. The shading of the insole is done point-wise, the master carefully makes “pixels” with pigment, so the stretching with color looks neat and not pretentious.

Shaded Eyeliner Process

Your artist will pre draw the shape and let you check in the mirror. The shading effect will be done in powder technique, in ombre style. Usually, eyeliner is done in black color and shading in soft brown colors.

Who Should Consider Shaded Eyeliner Tattoos?

On the one hand, the shadow eyeliner transforms the eyes and makes the look expressive, eliminating the need to draw eyeliner every day, if this type of makeup has become a routine for you, then eyeliner tattoo is the right choice.

Shaded Eyeliner Pros - Compared to Classic Eyeliner and Lash Enhancement

This technique creates a beautiful winged eyeliner, but the shading keeps it soft and subtle. This technique is best for large, open eyes with tight skin, and eyes with no wrinkles. You cannot tattoo a wing over wrinkles or folds because the creases will make the wing bend and look crooked. Winged eyeliners are not suitable on hooded eyes.

Shaded Eyeliner Cons - Compared to Classic Eyeliner and Lash Enhancement

Because the tattoo heals very soft it is not recommended on dark skin because not much of the tattoo will be visible. And it might look too soft for you if you’re into more liquid bold eyeliners.

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