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Like any other cosmetic procedure, permanent makeup requires preparation. And if the cosmetic tattoo artist consults about the aftercare, it is up to you to find out on your own how to prepare for the tattoo. But we will fill this gap in this article, we will talk in detail about the principle of precare for a cosmetic tattoo.

Remember! The result of the tattoo depends on how seriously you take the issue of preparing for the procedure. Not a single artist, even most experienced one, can guarantee 100% the expected result if the precare was not followed to a T. Therefore, we recommend that you listen to our advice.

The popularity of tattooing is largely due to its durability. It is waterproof, it is smudge proof. But there are a number of serious contraindications. If they are ignored, it will not be possible to achieve the desired result.

How to prepare for permanent makeup

Before you get a tattoo on your face, you need to choose a reliable salon and find out the artist’s precare recommendations before the cosmetic tattoo the procedure. A competent specialist will definitely clarify whether you have any medical contraindications and insist on following the preparatory rules.

Some of the body's reactions to various stimuli can lead to a violation of blood clotting, which makes it difficult for the master to work, minimizes the result and causes complications after the procedure. Preparing for a tattoo should begin a week in advance if not more. 

Can I drink coffee before my procedure.

Unfortunately, you would have to skip coffee intake the day before you are getting permanent makeup. But why can't you drink coffee before cosmetic tattooing? The explanation is simple: excessive caffeine, entering the body, promotes vasodilation and increased blood pressure, and also thins the blood. This can lead to severe bleeding from the puncture, which will be difficult to stop, which, in turn, will greatly reduce the proper implantation of the pigment in the epidermis. To correct such a tattoo, you will have to undergo a second session or laser correction. Try to exclude the consumption of coffee, black tea, coca-cola, as well as medicines containing caffeine. You can drink decaffeinated coffee.

Can I drink alcohol before my procedure.

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Ideally, a few weeks before visiting the artist completely give up alcohol. Even the smallest amount matters here. The fact is that alcohol in the blood greatly affects blood pressure. If it "jumps", rising or falling, it will complicate the process of performing permanent makeup. In addition, alcohol in the body reduces its protective functions, immunity, which can lead to the formation of an inflammatory process.

How does alcohol consumption affect the body before your appointment?

When preparing for a cosmetic tattoo, like Lip Blush, it is forbidden to drink alcohol the day before the procedure. This prohibition is based on the properties of alcohol to affect the human body:

Alcohol, like caffeine, reduces blood clotting. Correcting the consequences will be difficult.

If you take alcohol on the eve of the procedure, the wounds received from the tattoo will take longer time to heal and stop retaining the pigment. In the case of lip tattooing, alcohol should not be drunk even after the session, at least for a day.

Alcohol weakens the immune system. In this state, the infection can very easily get into the wound.

The most unsafe of all types of alcohol before applying permanent makeup is beer. After taking it, the blood synthesizes lymph, which actively flushes out the implanted pigment. As a result, the lips or eyebrows will retain less ink or the color will be different.

Avoiding energy drinks.

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Like alcohol, you should avoid all types of energy drinks: coffee, coca-cola and other caffeinated liquids. Such drinks dilate blood vessels, which can lead to more bleeding with skin injuries. From the list of foods consumed, seafood should be excluded, as well as fatty, heavy, spicy and fried foods. The latter can worsen overall well-being.

Exclusion of drugs.

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Aspirin and aspirin-containing (blood thinning) drugs should not be taken a few days before the permanent makeup procedure. It is also not recommended to use hydrogen peroxide, alcohol-containing drugs, antibiotics and other dosage forms containing them. Such medicines can be harmful by affecting pigmentation, causing swelling and discoloration.

Cold sores.

If you plan to do lip tattooing, then get from your doctor antiviral medication, as a herpetic reaction, cold sore is possible. in fact that the herpes virus is in the body, in almost every person, but due to immunity, sometimes it stays dormant. However, for some people with the slightest injury to the skin of the lips, it can become inflamed and develop a cold sore. Therefore, it is recommended to start taking antihistamines (regardless of the area in which the PM will be performed) the day before the procedure and the day after it with a frequency of 2 times a day.

To strengthen your immunity, start taking vitamin C a week before the permanent procedure.

It is strongly not recommended to take hormonal drugs a week before the scheduled tattoo procedure. Taking such drugs increases the risk that the pigment will not take well, weakens or even minimizes good healed results. However, everything is individual and depends only on the characteristics of the organism.

What else is important before your permanent makeup treatment?

Sleeping well. Get enough sleep before your session.

Menstrual cycle. During this period, the risk of bleeding increases. It is better to schedule permanent makeup in the middle of the cycle.

Diseases. Diabetes mellitus, bleeding disorders, skin and ophthalmic diseases are a serious reason to postpone tattooing. It is also necessary to contact your doctor and consult.

Hygiene. Avoid plucking your eyebrows, do not scrub your skin, do not sunbathe for 14 days before the procedure.

What happens if you do not prepare for permanent makeup?

In this case, the result cannot be predicted. The pigment can completely come out, spread out (pigment migration)., taking an irregular shape. During the healing period, strong crusts may form. Healing process can be longer, accompanied by pain. As a result, you will not only waste money on the micropigmentation service for nothing, but you can also harm yourself and your appearance. Therefore, you should not be negligent about the issue of preparing for a tattoo. Listen to the recommendations given by us, and to your master.

Plan your time.

The first few days after permanent makeup, like Microblading, the color of the pigment is brighter and more saturated, not the same as originally chosen. Therefore, in general, you can not worry about your appearance if the tattoo was done on the eve of an important event.

But still, one should not forget that the process of skin restoration after permanent makeup for each person occurs differently, depending on the individual characteristics of the body.

Someone even after the PM session itself does not have swelling, while someone can have redness for half a day. It is also important to remember that the process of crust/ scab formation occurs individually. Often, the crusts appear in the form of peeling, but with improper care, they can be rougher and more noticeable. Therefore, we do not recommend doing permanent makeup 3-10 days before the event in order to look perfect that day and not worry about your appearance.

After permanent makeup.

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It is important to consider that the precare applies to the entire period of skin healing - up to 1 month. It is also worth mentioning that to maintain the best healed results and have better healing experience, you should avoid:

Excessive sweating, strong physical exertion, playing sports, visiting a sauna or bath;

Using decorative cosmetics, makeup, applying it to the area where micropigmentation was performed;

Using creams, scrubs, peels, gels, foams and other products;

Sunbathing. It is necessary to exclude direct sunlight, and in the future, after skin healing, use sunscreen.

Be sure to listen to the opinion of the Artists! Only in this case, your permanent tattoo will look perfect throughout the entire period.