The industry of cosmetic tattoos or permanent makeup is developing really fast. If decades ago face tattoos, like eyebrows or eyeliners looked like traditional tattoos, nowadays with advanced technology the industry made a huge breakthrough. Right now we have better pigments, supplies, needles, and most importantly tattoo permanent makeup machines.

High-tech equipment is equipped with sterile modules, with which artists can create the effect of shading, graduation, draw a clear contour on the lips and wing on the eyes. If a high-quality tool is used in the work, the client does not experience pain.

The tattoo machine is equipped with nickel-plated or platinum needles that evenly distribute the pigment in the upper layers of the skin and create the desired pattern. The sharper the needles, the less traumatic the procedure. Tissue regeneration after tattooing performed by professional equipment is much faster.

There are 2 types of machines we can use in permanent makeup: Permanent make up machines, for example like Nouveau Contour. They are made specifically for cosmetic tattooing, with preset buttons like Brows, Lips, Eyes. The only difference is between those areas are voltages. Also you have to buy their own needles. The machines are very expensive 2k- 3k. Of course, there are many, many knock off versions, and the needles are mostly not safe because they do not have membranes to protect from the back flow from your needle to your machine. Also, there are thin cheap wireless PMU machines with different names, they have same needles that re not safe and break fast. ( the cost can very from 40 dollars to 120).

First, What Are Your Options

So, your top priority in picking machine for you should be

  • #1 safety
  • #2 quality
  • #3 size
  • #4 weight
  • #5 personal preference ( single cam or where you can change the cam)

Many machines have a single cam.  For example: Bellar, Dragonhawk, Mast, Cheyenne Hawk Pen, Flux S etc

First Machine We Recommend. Spectra Flux S by Microbeau.

The Best Permanent Makeup Machines - Review 1

Truly wireless and ergonomic design for optimal maneuverability.

Lightweight: Only 6.3 ounces (178 grams), most of the weight is in the center.

Dynamic Power Path Management: Always get the same amount of power.

LED Indicator: From here you can check your battery life, pair with devices via Bluetooth, and change voltage.

Detachable battery: Switch to the auxiliary PowerBolt battery. Save $50 when you buy an additional Power Bolt battery!

Battery life: Up to 12 hours. Can charge as quickly as 2 hours when used with a proper voltage USB-C power source and USB-C cord.

Note: Longer power cords and weaker power sources will result in the unit taking a long time to charge or not charging at all.

USB-C port: Charge your wireless tattoo machine in your car, laptop, or from a battery pack.

Bluetooth capability: Pair with Darklab app to change voltage through voice, access tattoo time and receive firmware updates

Compatible with most membrane needle cartridges

Engineered and manufactured in the USA

Specifically designed for the cosmetic industry

Comfortable, ergonomic and lightweight design (4.7oz / 134g) allows for optimal maneuverability

Convenient, interchangeable stroke suits different styles of micropigmentation

Secure ratcheting system enables artists to lock in needle depth settings

Seamless, autoclavable, Grip is compatible with all needles

One turn give dial allows for adjustment of needle tension providing artists with more options and flexibility

Powerful 6W MotorBolt system is the first motor specifically designed to meet the demands of micropigmentation

Standard 2.5mm and alternate 1.8mm stroke

Engineered and manufactured in the USA.

Retail Price: $ 1,149.99

Star Review (5)

Why We Chose Flux S

It has leveled weight and 3mm stroke length


wireless, lightweight



Second Machine We Recommend Spectra Xion S by Microbeau

The Best Permanent Makeup Machines - Review 2

Specifically designed for the cosmetic industry

Comfortable, ergonomic and lightweight design (4.7oz / 134g) allows for optimal maneuverability

Convenient, interchangeable stroke suits different styles of micropigmentation

Secure ratcheting system enables artists to lock in needle depth settings

Seamless, autoclavable, Grip is compatible with all needles

One turn give dial allows for adjustment of needle tension providing artists with more options and flexibility

Powerful 6W MotorBolt system is the first motor specifically designed to meet the demands of micropigmentation

Standard 2.5mm and alternate 1.8mm stroke

Engineered and manufactured in the USA.

Retail Price: $799.99

Star Review (4.5)

Why We Chose Spectra Xion S

You can see the Cam. The cam can be taken off with an allen wrench and replaced with a cam of a different size. For example when purchasing the XionS the PMU artist will receive a 1.8 cam and a 2.5 cam. This technology was new to the PMU world. The XionS was one of the first machines made to give PMU artists a machine specifically designed to do our procedures with the option of multiple cams.


loved by many PMU artist, slimmer grip than Flux S. 2.5 mm can change to 1.8 mm stroke


not wireless, cable, foot pedal. Some artist prefer 3mm strokes

Third Machine We Recommend. AXYS Valhalla

The Best Permanent Makeup Machines - Review 3

Single-turn ring for 5 stroke adjustments

Ergonomic 1" grip with tapered center

Limits vibrations to reduce hand fatigue

High performance seal to resist directional flow in both directions

Single rotation thread design eliminates dirt traps

Powerful 10W Maxon Motor

2.5mm, 2.9mm, 3.4mm, 3.8mm, 4.2mm adjustable stroke lengths

Retail Price: $ 699.99

Star Review (4.5)

Why We Chose Axys Valhalla

Good quality and strong machine, can be used for traditional tattoo and cosmetic tattoos.


Adjustable Stroke without taking apart the machine.


not wireless. But it can work with battery pack, without cord.

Advantages of a battery pack as an addition:

  • You can use it on multiple machines
  • Most are RCA and universally connect to many machines
  • Quality battery packs will last 8-10 hours of tattooing so you can work all day
  • Packs are lightweight
  • Digital read out is easy on some styles

Disadvantages of this type of battery pack:

  • The weight is altered
  • The center of gravity is altered
  • Some may twist or turn if the RCA Connector is not tight

Forth Machine We Recommend. Flux mini 3mm

The Best Permanent Makeup Machines - Review 4

Lightweight wireless machine designed by PMU technicians

Detachable battery pack

Battery Life: Up to 5 hours; charges in 2 hours with standard USB-C cord

Sleek, slender design; easy to handle

Machine Weight: 3.74oz (~106g)

Diameter of Grip: 20mm

Runs on a proprietary Microbeau motor

Stroke: 3mm; optimized for PMU procedures

Easily adjustable voltage; 0.5mm increment adjustments

Color coded voltage display

Retail Price: $ 799.99

Star Review (4.5)

Why We Chose Flux Mini 3mm

lightweight and comfortable grip


wireless, small yet with 3mm stroke. Ergonomic design


small for some artists with bigger hands , maybe it will feel too small. Battery life is only 5 hours, if you purchase make sure you will get 2 battery packs.

Fifth Machine We Recommend. Bellar

The Best Permanent Makeup Machines - Review 5

Comfortable and Lightweight design - 67grams (2.36 oz) for easy maneuverability

Precise stroke length of 2.1mm for accurate PMU techniques

Adjustable autoclavable grip to regulate needle depth, plus disposable grip option

Grip diameter: tapered from 22mm to 16mm on the tip

Needle depth adjustment from 0 - 4mm

Powerful compact MotorBolt system specifically designed to meet the demands of micropigmentation

Includes Mini DC connector cable for optimal connectivity performance

Ideal for hair strokes, powder brows, lips and the creation of beauty!

Retail Price: $ 699.99

Star Review (4.5)

Why We Chose Bellar.

lightweight and feels like pen, so it is good for hairstrokes.


very thin and light weight. Ergonomic pen design. Advanced gear system


not wireless, only 2.1 mm stroke. So if you are light handed it will be harder to implant the pigment.

We should mention when first starting in permanent makeup you need to practice a lot not only your artistic skill but tattooing skill as well. Meaning a lot of tattooing on fake skin. There are many options to choose from we recommend reel skin, latex skin or any fruit like banana, orange, melon etc. or even balloon, some artist wear 2 gloves and practice, tattooing straight to the glove, but mostly to find the depth. We also understand the tattoo machine we recommend they are very expensive and not everyone can afford right away. That is why as a first budget tattoo machine we can suggest looking into the company from China that is called Dragonhawk, they offer tattoo machine, cartridges, power supplies etc. Many artists like wireless Must Tour tattoo machine. It retails $129, and it can be used to practice on latex.

The Best Permanent Makeup Machines - Review 6

Mast Tour tattoo machine is a small machine  This tattoo machine made for traveling 

Pen-style rotary tattoo machine

LED light 

Autoclavable grip. 

Compatible with all standard tattoo power supplies. 

Machine frame is made from solid rods of high grade aluminum then polished and anodized. 

Press and hold the battery button for 2-3 seconds to turn on and off. The charging time of the battery 1200MAH is about 3 hours, and the usage time is about 6 hours.

Personally, I have not used Mast tour, but I had different tattoo pen from Dragonhawk and I loved and still have it, but it is not wireless.

Before buying a machine.

First, before buying a machine you need to find out your own hand speed and how heavy or light handed you are. Your hand speed and voltage need to match, so you will not scratch the skin nor have uneven implantation with chaotic pixels or lines. For example, if you heavy handed and use 3mm or higher strokes for eyeliner, you can bruise or cause migration of the ink through vessels that sits in the dermis.

Body tattoo artists will use with larger can, stroke, or give, since the skin is harder. So they need a machine with harder hit.

You should practice your techniques at different voltages and see which voltage will produce the results you want.

Want to Start Studying Permanent Makeup?

The Best Permanent Makeup Machines - Review 7

Choosing to become a Permanent Makeup Artist (PM) is a great decision. Because cosmetic tattooing is one of the most profitable sectors of the beauty industry. This profession attracts with its innovative techniques and the constant increase in the number of procedures that compete with traditional makeup. But to become an Artist, you need not only a set of special tools, but also constant training. We figure out how to become a professional tattoo artist and what it takes.

Why You Should Become a Tattoo Artist?

Permanent makeup is a highly specialized profession. This means that few specialists work in this area. In addition, there are far fewer professional cosmetic tattoo artists than makeup artists.

This profession will allow you to be able to create your own business. According to the Survey  that was taken in 2016, statistics show, 87.1% of permanent makeup professionals who took part in the survey are self-employed, self-employed or run their own beauty salons.

How much does a tattoo artist earn?

It is not easy to find statistics on the average salary of PM Artists, because the income depends on how much the artist charges for the procedure and how many procedures he/she/they does per week. The approximate cost of the service for a beginner for the procedure is about $250-$500 dollars. Artists with experience earn much more, especially if they are professionals in their field and teach others.

Of course, you need to take into account the cost of material, rent, licenses, additional training, etc. It is important to be aware of trends in the field of cosmetic tattooing and introduce new procedures. If you are the first Artist in the city who has mastered a new technique in the field of permanent makeup, then not only clients will come to you, but also other artists for training.

Where to study to become a permanent makeup artist?

The Best Permanent Makeup Machines - Review 8

You must understand that doing permanent makeup is a huge responsibility. Your work cannot be washed away, if something goes wrong, you will cause great harm to the client. Therefore, you need to learn from certified licensed tattoo professionals.

Savannah Marie Kondtratyev, founder of her own Permanent Makeup Studio and Training Center based in New York City, provides training in Lip Blush. 3-days group training. The Lip Blush class provides a complete set for training and provides practice first on artificial skin, then on models. You will not need to think about what equipment a novice cosmetic tattoo artist needs and where to get it. During the training, future masters will be provided with professional materials for practicing, as well as models with which you can work out your skills that you learned in class. If we talk about additional costs, they are minimized, since all materials are given directly during training. The kit for beginners include a tattoo machine, set of cartridges, pigments, numbing solution. etc the value is $1,000 and for the future purchases you will get 15% Off from famous PMU companies like Evenflo and Microbeau. 

Microbeau is leading company in delivering innovative products for Permanent makeup industry. It works closely with cosmetic tattoo artists that is why their products are top notch.

Evenflo is permanent makeup pigment line, manufactured in the USA by Perma Blend. They sell pigments for Ombre Powder brows and for lip tattooing. Their lip set is very popular among the artists and the Lip blushing class will gift you the whole set.

A training course on permanent makeup should consist of theory and practice. During your studies, you will learn everything about permanent makeup: procedure protocol, indications and contraindications, nuances of anesthesia, coloring, working with skin types, selection of pigments, pre-drawing technique, types of lip blushing styles. For example, one of the section in class is called:


Learn to identify the warm or cold undertones of the client's lips. High-quality pigments, when applied correctly, do not distort the color.


Learn how to select different types of needles, depending on the configuration, what end result you will achieve after listening to the wishes of the client. Practice on latex with 1 , 3 rl and magnums. 


The right aftercare taught in class will protect the lips and prevent lymph fluid secretion, retain more pigment in the skin and save time on correction/ touchup session.

In addition to the basic theory, Savannah Kondratyev's class teaches how to maintain accounts on social networks and create commercial photographs, which is very important for advertising services.

Bright, voluminous lips make the face feminine and attractive. But for most of the clients, the natural color of the lips is far from ideal, and lipstick allows you to get only a short-term effect. Permanent makeup will allow you to look attractive at any time of the day, without putting any effort into it. Lip blush tattoo can enhance your natural lip color and shape. This is done by depositing color ink into your lips and along your lip line to improve the overall look. The color is subtle to give natural-looking results. Lip blushing is also can correct any lip scarring, trauma, or surgeries like cleft palate reconstruction.

This service is becoming more and more popular in beauty salons, and making an appointment for a lip blush with a good artist is not easy. In this class of permanent lip makeup, you will perfectly master this technique in person classes at First Class Cosmetics. Study shows that students learn more when they are in-person at school. Students receiving in-person instruction have fewer distractions, increased concentration, and can receive more direct, personalized learning experiences. The atmosphere of live instruction that Savannah gives is very friendly and easy going.  When together in the classroom, Savannah can better connect with each individual student and offer more personalized one-on-one attention and coaching. In addition, she can provide more direct oversight of learning in person, it helps increase student focus, motivation, and engagement. 

Who is Savannah Marie Kondratyev?

The Best Permanent Makeup Machines - Review 9

Savannah Kondratyev combines 12 years in the beauty industry with her expertise in cosmetic tattooing and education to bring NYC the best in natural beauty enhancements. Savannah is known for her exceptional skills in Lip Blush tattooing. With a huge portfolio of color transformations, Savannah is an innovator in the industry. Using her vast knowledge of skin care, and gentle tattooing methods. Savannah is an Evenflo Master Artist, licensed Tattoo artist, and Cosmetologist, also carrying certifications in Laser Tattoo Removal and Education. Savannah besides group classes offers 1:1 training to help other artists master their techniques in the field as well as online education to help further the careers of artists all over the world!

Online classes offer theory in tattooing lips and color theory, practice and live model demonstration.

After taking any classes there is also ongoing support for 6 months. There is also apprentice opportunity for outstanding talented students at the studio. It is great chance to learn something new that can change your life and others as well. If you are totally new and does not have a space to start taking models or clients, Savannah offers bed rentals at her salon for a small fee.

If you have any questions about procedure or classes feel free to email or call, we are happy to assist. If you are interested in other PMU classes other than Lip blushing let us know, we might have special offers.