Known as a Brazilian butt lift, this procedure removes excess fat from one area of the body and injects it into the buttocks. In many cases, the fat is removed from a “problem area,” such as the hips, thighs, or lower abdomen, so the results improve the aesthetics of the entire lower body. Despite its name, Brazilian butt lift surgery has no ties to Brazilian culture; rather, it is a nod to the Brazilian surgeon who first performed the procedure.


Injections work to restore youthful contours by providing a significant increase in both volume and skin thickness. Strategically creating collagen in specific areas allows us to sculpt the buttocks and hips while highlighting your natural contours.

Sculptra begins as a powder and mixed with sterile water that allows it to be injected. This must be done about a week prior to treatment to ensure proper hydration of the material and accurate dispersion of the product. Once injected, your body will absorb the sterile water solution 24-48 hours post-treatment, leaving behind strategically placed particles of Sculptra, and that’s when the magic happens. Your body’s natural response to the Sculptra is to encapsulate it with biospheres of your own fresh, young collagen.


To perform this non-surgical butt enhancement, Sculptra is often the most effective dermal filler, creating both immediate and long-term results. Sculptra is an FDA-approved, injectable poly-L-lactic acid filler that works to stimulate natural collagen production deep within the skin layers to plump and firm. While you will require some patience to achieve your vision, and may need several appointments, for a subtle, non-surgical enhancement, this treatment could be the perfect answer for you. The treatment requires only about an hour or less to perform, with results that last up to three years.


Although the results are achieved gradually, the changes improve over time with repeated treatment.The effects of Sculptra will build up over the course of each treatment, providing a natural and undetectable improvement in the desired area(s). Now you can create more projection, volume, and a subtle lift in as little as 2-3 treatment sessions. Additional treatments may be needed to achieve desired results.

A Brazilian Butt Lift with Sculptra is an extremely easy procedure to get done. There is no liposuction required, no healing/soreness from fat harvest, no need to sit on donuts, or in some cases “avoid sitting at all costs”. These Sculptra injections can be done in about 30 minutes, are nearly painless, and have no downtime except for bruising, with results lasting for years! A surgical BBL requires weeks to recover, restrictions on exercise/sitting, and sometimes need “redos”.

There is no downtime required after treatment.

All patients are encouraged to perform their post-treatment massage for about 5 minutes, up to 5 times a day for 7-10 days. This helps accelerate results and ensures the treated area is smooth.

Recovery time after a non-surgical Brazilian butt lift is minimal. You can return to work in approximately one day, and resume exercise after three days. This is a vast improvement over a surgical butt lift procedure that typically require two to four weeks of recovery time.

Your results will typically build over the next few months as you complete two to three Sculptra injection sessions. Over time you will develop an attractive, more rounded butt that looks completely natural and makes your figure more attractive, appealing, and balanced.

When you arrive for your appointment, you will be given a paper gown to wear and instructed to put it on.

Next, your provider will instruct you to lay comfortably on your stomach. Your provider or an assistant will swab the area of your injection with alcohol to sterilize it and reduce the risk of infection.

Depending on your preference and your provider’s recommendation, you may have an anesthetic applied topically to your butt to reduce any discomfort you feel during the injection.

The injection process itself will only take a few moments as your provider uses sterilized equipment to inject Sculptra into your buttocks.

After the injections are completed, you may receive a bandage on the area where the shots were inserted. You can get dressed as usual and are clear to drive immediately afterward.

Sculptra butt lift is far less dangerous than other forms of buttock augmentation, such as Brazilian butt lift and butt implants. The results of a Sculptra butt lift may be less dramatic, and they are temporary. But a Sculptra butt lift is safer and less expensive.

If you aren’t happy with the result of a Sculptra butt lift, you can have more filler injected a few months after your initial treatment. If you think the results don’t look natural or aren’t what you had in mind, the treatment will wear off within 2 years trusted Source.

Other buttock augmentation treatment options give you permanent results.

Pre and Post Care

Prior To Treatment

All patients are required to come in for their free consultation. This allows you to discuss your concerns, problem areas, and ideal results with our body contouring specialists. Additionally, this gives the injector the opportunity to answer any questions you may have, provide additional information, assess your current issues and create a customized treatment plan.

Treatment Day

Our body contouring specialist will begin by marking up the soon to be treated area to act as a guide for each injection. Then, the injections are administered. We add local anesthetic, lidocaine, to the Sculptra mix before injection to ensure we alleviate discomfort. Following each session, you will need to perform a post-treatment massage. At BeautyFix, we include this as part of your service and will teach you how to perform this massage at home.


Like all injections, temporary swelling and bruising may occur. Bruising tends to happen in the treatment area and can take up to two weeks to resolve itself. To help avoid this we recommend you start taking Arnica Montana as well as avoiding aspirin, ibuprofen, and omega fish oils a week or two prior to injection.

Like all injections, temporary swelling and bruising may occur and are expected to resolve itself. The most commonly reported side effects are soreness and mild discomfort, similar to that of a rigorous workout, that can be alleviated with Tylenol. Patients are advised to avoid Aspirin, Ibuprofen and Omega Fish oil 1-2 weeks prior to injection. Arnica may be taken prior to and after treatment to help with bruising.

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